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  1. Hey Mike!!! Well feel yourself very priviledged that this ex Scots girl has been reading your blog – and loving it….all others pail in comparison. I noticed that you are in my lovely old home town of Van….some tips: Transvestite Bingo at my local ‘Pump Jacks’ on Davie Street is guaranteed for good times, cheep booze (including the search for the yetti on the Kokanee beer bottles) at teh Beaver Bar on Granville, and people watching in Gastown near the ‘steam’ clock when the bums let them know that it is an electric clock. Take care aye.

    1. Haha, thanks for the tips K Mac! We have 10 days or so in
      Van so will definitely take you up on them. Hope alls well and might see ya down the road somewhere.

  2. Hey!! Hope you are enjoying Canada!!!!!!! I checked my emails the other day and found the link to your blog – hooray! I look forward to reading more about your adventures 🙂 very jealous that you get to go the olympics – fingers crossed vancouver gets some snow soon!! They have been featuring it on the news here quite a bit, especially the fact that they have to truck the snow in – so bizzare! Hope to hear some more stories soon! KAZ

  3. Mike – Kate’s amateur photographics are concerning us all. The exposure of your pointy nipples in the spa and snow photo shot has caused great embarrassment to the office.

    We actually had a TV crew in here doing a live cross to Sydnovate for an IP forecast. Viewer attention was drawn away from Sara’s compelling commentary as a lone figure in the upper left of camera (me), opened an email attachment entitled “Snow Cones”. My screen was in full view of the camera as the risque picture flashed across the screen – at least Miranda Kerr had the decency to cover her cones.

    We were obliged to issue an apology to our viewers – however we decided it was easier to take them both to lunch, rather than get a press release approved.

    What happens in Canada should stay in Canada.

  4. Hey guys!
    Loving the blog and am very jealous!
    Hope you guys are well. Kate you’ll be missed at our reunion tonight. 🙂
    You guys don’t want to meet in Venice in the first weekend in November do you?

    1. Thanks Mike! Hmmm Venice in November hey… could be a plan. Anything is possible these days 🙂
      Have a great time at the reunion and say hi to all for me. I will be having a beer in Nicaragua for you all! And I expect a full report soon after!
      Take care, Kate

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